The North of River Sanitary District is an independent Special District of the State of California, located in Kern County. The District was formed in 1940 to convey, treat and dispose of wastewater from residential, commercial and industrial users in Oildale, CA. Since its formation, the District has expanded its service area to include areas within the County of Kern and the City of Bakersfield. 

Wastewater is collected from residences and businesses into the District's collection system and conveyed to its 7.5 MGD (million gallon per day) wastewater treatment plant. The collection system consists of approximately 180-miles of sewers ranging from 6-inch to 54-inch and 4 lift stations. The lift stations pump wastewater from lower elevations to higher elevations within the system so the wastewater can gravity flow to the treatment plant.

Primary treatment and trickling filter secondary treatment technology are used to treat the wastewater. The treated effluent is stored in ponds and applied to adjacent irrigated farmland where it is used for the irrigation of fodder, fiber and seed crops for non-human consumption. Biosolids are treated in digesters, dewatered, stored and applied to farmland for soil conditioning or fertilizer.